Scaly Mountain, NC

Back in the 1980s, Scaly Mountain was one three ski areas on the Blue Ridge Escarpment - Sky Valley, Scaly Mountain and Ski Sapphire Valley. Sky Valley no longer offers winter sports activities while Ski Sapphire Valley continues to do so. Scaly Mountain converted to the area’s premier snow sports venues with several exceptionally long snow tube lanes and an ice-skating rink.

Scaly Mountain

The ALPINE COASTER™ appeals to all ages, no skills are required and its fun for the entire family. The ride can be built between 2ft and 30 ft above the ground. To heighten the thrill Wiegand’s design team adds jumps, waves, and 360′ circles into the track. Rain and snow, no problem, Wiegand’s™ braking system can work in all seasons. 

Alpine Coaster

The Scaly Screamer! 
Coming late summer 2021! 
This video is very similar to the Scaly Screamer ALPINE COASTER™ the Scaly Mountain Outdoor Center is installing for year round fun!

ALPINE COASTER™ - Wiegand -North America


127 Cherokee Trail
Sapphire Valley, NC


Ski Area: 828-743-7663

Web Info:  828-619-0097